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BC Priorities: Falls, Transport Incidents, and Suicide/Self-harm


BC Priorities: Falls, Transport Incidents, and Suicide/Self-harm

  • -Total costs by cost type

  • -Per capita costs by cost type

  • -Total costs by injury outcome

  • -Costs per case by outcome

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Three provincial priorities were established to guide injury prevention initiatives in BC.

BC Priorities: Falls, Transport Incidents, and Suicide/Self-harm

The BC Injury Prevention Committee (BCIPC), the BC Injury Prevention Alliance (BCIPA), and the BC Falls and Injury Prevention Community of Practice (CoP) function to advance public policy on injury prevention. 

The three provincial priorities are: 

  • Community-dwelling seniors falls and fall-related injury prevention
  • Transport-related injury prevention 
  • Youth suicide and self-harm prevention

Almost all these injuries and their resulting costs, could have been prevented. We must take action to create a different story; a story of a province free from serious injury. 

The tables and figure below explore falls, transport incidents, and suicide/self-harm by presenting data for specific types of incidents within these three causes.

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Total costs by cost type
Per capita costs by cost type
Total costs by injury outcome
Costs per case by outcome
Cases and rates

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